Tuesday, 3 November 2009

30 in a 50 mph area. Can you say frustrating??

I love driving but unfortunately don't get to do it near enough. I passed my test almost a year ago (27 Nov 2008) on my second attempt. I was so proud, it was such a amazing experience to pass after a year and 4 months of learning, 4 driving instructors and having spent a hell of a lot of money.. I was delighted and rained down with praise of congratulations from friends and family.

After that came the hard part. Getting a car. I don't actually have a job yet, all I do is casual work which is as and when and nowhere near good enough for buying  and running a car. So I wait... and wait and wait for someone to give me a bloody job!

I've had countless interviews as I've mentioned on another post but yet to secure a position. Lately I've just been talking about anything and everything that's related to the question of course to get out of that 'not saying enough' rut. But still nothing.

Anyway I'm on my dads insurance which he renewed with a new Toyota Yaris in september this year. I thought it was brilliant at the time. Till I realised he is such a control freak he won't actually let me drive the bloody thing the majority of the time. He lets me drive to swimming cos the session is only 45 mins and it's not worth him going. Yet he still comes with me to dancing which is only a hour long - does this make sense anyone!?. I hate it and it really gets my back up when he insists on coming with me. Especially his snide little comments, I have passed my test thank you!

Back to the topic in hand - I was driving along quite happily, I love driving on my own, and I got to this 50mph country lane. The person right at the front was doing 30 in a 50 limit. We were all so close we looked like a little train going along the road. Lol. I'm pretty sure that is a illegal process and you can get failed for it on a test. Why do people do it? SO annoying!

If you have any comments please post them I'll be happy to read them!

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