Saturday, 31 October 2009

My EBook!

EBooking - Love Comes Knocking

Hey again,

I'm not sure if i have mentioned this already but I have been a avid writer for quite a few years since the tender age of 14. I recently completed a medium length story of mine that only took around 4 years to complete and just now converted it into a ebook! I was quite impressed by how it looked lol and i've put it on ebay to see who would check it out.

Anyway if you fancy a butchers the link is:

The story follows Ben, a loveable chap who unfortunately for him is just a little bit chubby. Not many girls can see past this and it makes for a rather difficult time for dear Ben. Follow him through this story as he goes on interesting dates, faces a interesting hoover demonstration and through adversity finds the love of his life.

Do check it out, it's at the amazingly cheap price of 99p! xx

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