Thursday, 29 October 2009

Job hunting nightmare!

Job Hunting Nightmare

With the current job climate I am finding it incredibly difficult to find work. I've lost count of how many interviews I've had now and stilll relatively nothing came out of them! Admittedly for the majority of the interviews I didn't have any real experience - a fresh out of university graduate and no one would give me a chance ! :( I realise many people are in the same boat at the moment but my god it can get depressing!

It was a catch 22 situation - If you don't give me the experience how am I ever going to gain it?? but employers don't give a damn about that!

Do on and on I went getting rejections left right and centre till my dad found me a temporary position as a receptionist/admin assistant at the University of Greenwich where he works. That place has been so good to me and I enjoyed working there, but alas it had to end. So back to the job hunting I go. I found another position at UoG as a Casual worker but the key word there was casual and here I am again out of work. Till January. And back on Job Seekers. Oh the joy!

I have a interview on Tuesday for a job that seems really interesting. Wish me luck! xx

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