Saturday, 31 October 2009

Cats fighting

The Ultimate in Cat Fighting

I'm sure we all know pets are wonderfully crazy creatures. I'm no different, my loveable black and white cat has been with us for 11 years and although he's a bit slower now cos he's blind he's still loveable and annoying. Back in the day though he was a right rogue, killing birds and dropping them on our doorstep as little presents. Like we were going to appreciate them! he also used to fight a lot with the neighbourhood roamer Patches.

This unfriendly, vicious example of a cat is not welcome in our garden! But still he comes shitting in our flower beds little bastard! My dads had to put in litter trays so they'd stop defecating our soil. And it worked. !

Anyway back when he was fit and able Tim used to have little fights with this evil rodent and if you want to see something funny just click below and watch the fight unravel!

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