Saturday, 31 October 2009

The Glam Show


Today I went to the Glam Show with my new friend Rachel. I met her off gumtree and was a bit worried about how we'd get on, but I shouldn't have worried. She was really friendly and we were soon talking away about jobs, guys, anything that we could think of! It would have been quite arkward if we hadn't got on really.

The exhibition at Earls Court was holding a Glam Show in which they'd advertised it as a eight sections with all different sorts of stuff in like clothes, make up etc. I had won the tickets after entering a PhotoMe competition which I sadly didn't win but I guess this was a kind of consolation prize! Anywho off we went getting our hands stamped as replacements for tickets *saving paper and all that* lol.

The exhibition wasn't as organised as we were led to believe, there were no sections just one big hall with stalls in. There was also a VIP area which we couldn't get in god damn it, although we did get a complimentary goody bag with lots of adverts in ! Great! The stalls were quite varied, it had hair stuff, make up, clothes which in my opinion looked a bit tatty lol and chocolate (thorntons) there was also a photobooth where you could take free photos and put it on their glam wall. I did two but the girls in front who actually were working there took the royal piss by printing about 30 pictures each ! GRR!

I bought a nice necklace and earring set for £15 squid and 6 perfumes for the price of one - i'd never heard of them but i can't resist a bargain and they did say one was for the new film The City. They did smell nice though so why not! Who'd turn that one down for just £20. !?

We watched a fashion show with lots of varying outfits, one of the only male models didn't have any shoes the poor guy. They probably thought they didn't actually have anything that went with the tramp attire they were putting him out in though! Nothing matched and he really did look like he had been raiding a Charity shops rubbish bin. There were a few nice dresses and stuff, and some shoes were nice but some of the outfits.. where do they come up with these ideas? They were too short and showed their knickers or bras off etc.. lol. Amusing anyhow.

I saw Nicky Hambleton Jones who presented the show and looked very pregnant. I got a few pics of her, but not sure if this bloody blog will let me upload them at the mo!

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