Saturday, 31 October 2009


Wannabe a Winner?

Have you ever thought about entering competitions as a way of earning things without doing more then clicking a finger? I am proof that it really is worth pursueing. I started competition hunting properly in late 2008 as I was quite jealous of the amount of stuff my brother had won. For example he won tickets to a screening of Sex and the City (unfortunately not the premiere). I even got to meet Z list celebrity Spartan from Gladiators! Pic below:

So off I began posting my entries into various competitions, and so far I have won:

£100 from One Poll
A coaching session with Sir Geoff Hurst (donated it to my brother)
Two Rimmel mascaras
A cook book
CBeebies Big Fun Time
The Rose Labyrinth
Diabetes - The Essential Guide
Wild Flowers
Family day out with the National Trust
Long Walk Home
Revlon Nail Enamel in cherries
Two books from Sugar magazine
Two complimentary tickets to the Glam Show (see other post)
A free account on Eve online for 14 days (didn't bother with this one lol)
10, 000 bc dvd box set
A couple of Little Black Books
A book called Tate by Tate
A Dvd The Long Day Closes
A Get Lippy goody bag
A pair of tickets to a night out
Trend Micro Internet Suite
and finally..
I won two tickets to a premiere of Fast and the Furious 4.

This was the real deal with red carpet, papparazi, and real A List stars. They introduced the film (even though they didn't bother to watch it!) and we even got a complimentary bottle of water and a chocolate bar! (wow!)

Included in the prize was a 3* hotel stay and a £100 cheque for dinner. Result! We only spent £42 on dinner so i was still quids in at the end of the day!

Pics below:

So are you convinced yet? Give it a try on

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