Saturday, 18 October 2014

Top tips on how to be a savvy shopper!

You've probably all seen the adverts in the magazines offering you cashback when you buy products online. You might think it's just a ploy or a scam to get you to spend money and fear you won't actually get anything in return. I can confirm it's all genuine, and you really can get paid just for doing the shopping you need to do.

Sites like Topcashback and Quidco offer money back on food, fashion, insurance, travel, hotels and lots more. Top offers include £168.00 to kit your home out with the complete Sky bundle, £105.00 for Plusnet broadband and lots more.

When I was struggling with paying for the vital things in life getting cashback gave me the opportunity to set a little money aside and use it for special occasions like birthdays or Christmas which I couldn't otherwise afford.  

Voucher codes
I've always hated having to pay full price for things and when I found there were actually regular voucher codes available to help soften the blow I couldn't believe it. Nights out to restaurants like Zizis and Beefeater were suddenly affordable as I could get 10% off or one main meal free. The codes even worked online and what would be a £100.00 shop got transformed into £80.00. The extra money I saved went a long way and helped to fund a luxury holiday to Greece for the whole family.

I found the best sites were Voucher Codes and Money Saving Expert

You may wonder how competitions fits in with being a savvy shopper but I can assure you it does have some logic. There are many free competitions available on the internet, and even on your tub of butter that gives you the opportunity to win a product you could never afford or a holiday to Florida you could only dream of. Having entered competitions for several years now I can only vouch for the positiveness it has brought to my life. Free ipads, trips to Paris and Ireland, shopping vouchers and even a movie premiere bring so much happiness to my life and my families, but also helps me to save money I would have spent otherwise. Instead of saving months for that Ipad I won it, and it only spurs me on to try and win more. If I don't need the prize I can sell it on Ebay and use the funds to feed my family, or even put it aside for some treats for them.

The best sites to try are The Prizefinder and Moneysavingexpert

Companies all over hte country are dying to get your opinion and there's no better way to do it then through survey panels. The surveys which are completely free give you the opportunity to tell companies what you think of electricity, water, beauty products, food and so much more. Every survey you do gets you points or money which you can put towards shopping vouchers, gifts or a monetary value through Paypal. Every reward is a treat for my family, whether I can buy them new clothes or put the money aside for Christmas or their birthdays.

Since the birth of the internet I have managed to save so much money and really become a savvy shopper. At every corner there is a opportunity to save a bit of money with a voucher code or even make some with a easy survey. It's so easy to do and is so rewarding in the long run. 

Friday, 17 October 2014

Sure Compressed Cotton Ultra Dry Antiperspirant review

The Gloss
Sure Compressed antiperspirant uses motion sense system to compress 250ml of product into a 125ml can. The product is dermatologically tested and alcohol free to allow for comfortable wear.

Designed to last for 48 hours the Motion Sense system helps to protect you when you move.

The lowdown
I have used quite a few of these compressed antiperspirants before and I'm still on the fence as to whether they last as long as their bigger counterparts. It has quite a fresh smell and didn't leave any white patches when applied. Later that day I still smelt fresh and didn't experience any wetness the entire day.

A excellent antiperspirant that really does the job by keeping you sweat free and smelling good all day.

I give it 5/5


There's currently a offer on where you get 2 Sure deodorants for just £4 at Boots
  • Keeps you dry all day
  • The product is long lasting and I still smelt fresh later that day
  • Small handbag sized product which can be easily whipped out on the move

  • None that I can see

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Sure Women Maximum Protection Anti-perspirant Deodorant review

 The Gloss
Sure Women Maximum Protection Deodorant is a dermatologically tested TRIsolid cream that is scientifically proven to reduce wetness. Using innovative body response technology it contains three important components which include:
  • The maximum wetness protection from Sure
  • Odour fighting technology
  • Skin moisturising ingredients

The Lowdown
Normally I use spray deodorants as they're simple to use and can be quickly sprayed when in a rush. The Sure Maximum protection anti-antiperspirant deodorant is innovative as it is unlike any deodorant you may have seen before. Unlike deodorants  that reduce bacteria and add fragrance to masks smell, the antiperspirant deodorant helps to eliminate sweat in addition to preventing odour. The product is kept fresh with a silver seal to avoid any contamination and to avoid any bacteria getting in. To get to the product you need to twist the bottom which pushes the powder towards the top. It wasn't the easiest product to maneuver and I found that only a small amount of the cream reached the top which reduced the amount that could be applied. On first impressions I felt the product itself looked quite unusual as I have never seen cream used as a deodorant before. It has a very strong smell which I have to admit is quite off putting initially, however it's not as strong once the cream is applied.

With a enclosed leaflet that gives guidance on the product and answers any questions I felt it was a excellent way of introducing people to the product and giving insight into how it works.

The product advises to apply the night before for the most optimal results as it is designed to work over a 48 hour period. The cream was pleasant to use and didn't irritate my armpit area even after shaving. The next day my armpits still smelt fresh and despite doing some heavy duty shopping that afternoon my armpits remained dry. The products scent certainly faded over the course of time but I didn't detect any bad body odour which suggest the product was still doing its job.

Overall, a innovative antiperspirant deodorant that works over a long period of time, helping to keep your armpits dry and odour free.

Buy this for only £4.99 in Boots and get a free sample (online only) 

I give it 4/5

  • Innovative design
  • The antiperspirant deodorant helps to prevent odour and sweating
  • Works over a 48 hour period so it is not essential to apply in the morning if you feel the product is still working
  • The product is quite different to a typical deodorant and some people may find the unique design a little off putting and tricky to use.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

My blinging shopping haul New Look, H&M, Miss Selfridge, Accessorize

This Saturday the plan was to go to Chessington World of Adventures as I had won tickets quite a while ago and wanted to use them before they expired. Unfortunately the M25 as always got in the way, and as Junction 5 was closed me and my mum decided to goto Maidstone instead. Here's a quick look at what I bought:
1. Miss Selfridge white dress £35.00
                                               2. Black dimante jacket £10.00 (random shop, sorry!)
3. Miss Selfridge white blouse £21.00
                                                     4. New Look embedded shell top £19.99

                                                    5. New Look Crystal flower necklace £3.99
                                                    6. New Look 3D Deco necklace £12.99
                                                    7. New Look Pearl gem necklace £9.99

                                                 8. H&M white vest top £12.99
                                                 9. Accessorize delicate stud set £5.00
                                                10. Accessorize Ruchi circle pendant £7.00
                                                11. Accessorize Madeline flower bracelet £15.00

Monday, 13 October 2014

Get energised this winter with Radox citrus shower gels: Mandarin and Lemongrass tried and tested

The Gloss
Radox has unleashed 4 fresh new citrus flavours which help to bring back memories of summer. The four citrus variants are themed around improving your mood and awakening your senses:
  • Revive Mandarin and Lemongrass
  • Uplifting Grapefruit and Basil
  • Energise with Key Lime and Peppermint
  • Invigorate with Lemon and Rosemary
Guaranteed to help you start your day with a spring in your step, these zesty shower gels will give you the perfect uplift you need to get through the cold winter months. 

The Lowdown
The bright orange packaging of the Mandarin and Lemongrass shower gel will ensure you'll spot it when you step bleary eyed into the shower in the morning. It has a uniquely shaped bottle that is designed so it's easy to grip. The fresh Mandarin and Lemongrass scent is strong enough to awaken your senses but not so overpowering that it's off-putting. The gel does lather although not so much that you look like you're sprouting bubbles.

After showering there a slight scent that lingers for a few hours on my skin. I love how fresh this shower gel is and how the gorgeous smell invigorates the senses.

A great buy that will help you to feel bright and energised all day.

 I give it 4/5

Grab yours whilst it's on offer for only £1.00 at Boots

  • Gives a fresh invigorating feeling
  • Lovely Mandarin and Lemongrass scent that helps to wake you up in the morning

  • None that I can see