Thursday, 29 September 2016

20 date night ideas

ideas for date night

Wherever you are in your relationship- whether you're in the first flushes of love or you've been together for years - date night should always be a priority. Doing the same thing over and over again can cause things to get stale and boring. There are plenty of ways to spice up your date night with a little imagination. Here's some tips to get you started.

Go for a (mini) road trip
Find a destination that's relatively close to you (around a hour away) that you've both never tried before and go there. It could be a restaurant, tourist attraction or even a country walk. The experience will bind you together and you'll have fun trying something new.

Look for photobooths
I don't know about you but I love getting photo souvenirs from places I go to. Photobooths are the best, especially those you get at weddings with all the props. Why not spend a evening looking for photobooths and see what adventures you have along the way. You'll also get to keep the funny photos!

Make your own pizza
It's not just for kids, making a homemade pizza is fun and you can really go crazy with toppings! Whether you want a pepperoni pizza with ham and pineapple or barbeque pork with pineapple the worlds your oyster.

Do karaoke
When you sing your heart out you think you sound great and look like a superstar. You probably sound more like a cat screeching down a local alley but hey it's bonding time right?

Catch some stars
I love watching the stars, there's just something so peaceful and magical about them. When you spot lots of stars in the sky head out and do a little stargazing with your beau. You can download 'The night sky app' so you're not just absently staring at the sky.

Work out together
You know how exercise creates endorphins and that happy feeling? Well if you exercise with your partner you'll feel happy getting fit together and this can only bring you closer together.

Go camping
Get away from the stresses of daily life and detach yourself from your smartphone, TV and computer to really experience life in its true rawness. With nothing to distract each other you can rediscover what you fell in love with. Crack open a tin of beans, roast some marshmallows and tell ghost stories for real camping fun.

Recreate your first date
Forgotten what attracted you to your partner in the first place? By revisiting where you went on your first date you'll invoke nostalgia and see your beau in a whole new light.

Create a fantasy
If you're struggling to incite passion in your life why not create a bit of a fantasy. Go to a different bar/pub each night (or every week depending on your schedule) and dress up as someone else. You get the excitement of having an affair without the upset and betrayal involved.

Surprise them
This may be more of an expensive date depending on what your partner has always wanted to do, but a great idea is to surprise them with something they've always wanted. Whether it's a trip to the West End or driving a jeep buy them a treat and watch their eyes light up.

Go berry picking
You can have hours of fun picking the best strawberries you can find. With just a load of plants and your partner for company there's plenty of opportunity to chat without the distraction of a phone or TV.

Skip straight to dessert
Get your mind out the gutter, there's nothing dirty about this date idea. Instead of heading out for dinner why not go straight to dessert. There's lots of restaurants out there dedicated purely to provide fabulous desserts including sundaes, waffles and more. Creams is one of my favourites.

Have a game night
Get all your favourite board games out and play each other all night. Monopoly marathon anyone?

Go for a date in the skies
Instead of going for a drive why not explore the skies in a hot air balloon? You might have to share the basket with others but you'll still have a special unique experience together up in the clouds.

A zoo trip for two
Whether you like poking fun at the monkeys or trying to catch the lions in action, the zoo makes a fun visit that's different every time. A lot of zoos nowadays offer annual passes where you pay once and get to visit the rest of the year for free.

Get baking
The best thing about baking is of course eating the hot cakes straight out the oven. Why not get creative and bake some cakes, cookies, bread or other baked goodness that you can then enjoy together for dessert.

Go for a trip down memory lane
If you and your partner didn't know each other as kids why not head to each others hometown and do some exploring. Take him to where you  used to go to school, where you used to play, your old house and other favourite haunts. You'll learn more about each others childhood and this will help you bond.

Go bowling
Think you're good at bowling? Why not challenge your partner to a duel and see who's the best. A little friendly competitiveness never hurt anyone.

Relax in front of Netflix
My favourite kind of date involves snuggling on the sofa in front of a good box set or movie. Netflix is full of the latest dramas and thrillers that you'll want to watch again and again. Grab some popcorn, snuggle down and chill.

Watch the sunrise
This involves waking up early so if you're not a early bird you may want to avoid (or perhaps wait till Winter when the sun rises later).  Sunrises are as beautiful as sunsets and will give you some peaceful time with your partner.

Whatever you choose to do on your date night have fun and enjoy it!

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Max Factor Smoky Eye Drama Kit Sumptuous Gold review

max factor smoky eye drama kit sumptuous gold review

What the brand says
Whether your eyes are blue or brown Max Factor Smoky Eye drama kits are designed specifically to flatter each unique eye colour. There is currently 6 shades available which add the perfect finish to your look.

The Lowdown
max factor smoky eye drama kit
When I first swatched this I was so excited by how velvety soft the eyeshadows felt. The shades literally felt like butter as I swept some colour onto my skin. A sucker for gold palettes the sparkle of this kit lured me in straight away. Despite Max Factor claiming Sumptuous Gold has been designed to flatter brown eyes I feel this is more of a universal shade and went fine with my blue eyes. The centrepiece of the palette is the light gold  shade, which is accompanied by a sultry bronze gold and light brown eyeshadow. There is also a deep brown powder for your eyebrows. The eyeshadows look really shimmery in the palette but when swatched they're not quite as intense. There is one exception however as the bronze gold shade has quite intense pigmentation.

max factor smoky eye drama kit sumptuous gold swatchI used all the shades in the palette to create a gorgeous sultry gold look. Here's how to recreate it:
1. First I applied the light gold in the inner corner of my eye blending slightly outwards
2. I blended the bronze gold into where the light gold tapers off and blended towards the outer lashes
3. Finally I applied the dark  brown on top of the  bronze gold and slowly blended them together to create a dark gold smokey eye.

The shades work really well together and were really easy to blend. Whilst the light gold looks really faint in the picture it does look a light brighter in reality and the finished look is really shimmery and pigmented. There is pretty much no fall out when applying and several hours later a small amount of glitter on the inner corner of my eye appeared to be the only issue. I think the brow powder was a bit too dark for my colouring but it did seem to add a nice bit of shape to my eyebrows.

A lovely highly pigmented eyeshadow that is perfect for adding some sparkle to a night out.

I give it 4/5

Get it for £8.99 at Superdrug
max factor smoky eye drama kit sumptuous gold tutorial

  • A gorgeous shimmery palette
  • The shades blend really well together
  • Nicely pigmented
  • Comes with a brow powder so you get a little bit extra for your money
  • A small amount of glitter shed over the period that I was wearing it

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

10 ways to destress

10 ways to destress

Often life can tick along just fine then something that can happen that can change everything. Whether you're understaffed at work or your cars broken down it's so easy for minor stress levels to escalate and become a major issue. Long term stress can have a detrimental effect on your physical and mental health. If left untreated it can lead to  digestive problems, weight fluctuation, heart disease, depression and other problems. If you feel you're stress levels are too high here's 10 useful tips that will help you get things back on the straight and narrow.

Identify what makes you stress
Before you can work towards resolving your stress levels you need to identify what causes it in the first place. Write a list when you identify that you're starting to feel worked up and see what caused it and your reaction.

Don't forget to exercise
Exercising is fantastic for helping you to take your mind off things and learn to relax. If you exercise a lot you'll generally feel a lot healthier and this will help you to feel more energised and able to cope with lifes stresses. You don't need to be the next Mo Farrah, simply moving your body every day is enough.

Find your inner peace
If you've ever met someone who regularly meditates you probably noticed how at peace they are. Meditation is a great tool for counteracting stress and releasing any negativity. It helps by releasing stress and reversing your fight or flight response - which least be honest you don't really need anymore.

Eat your greens
Your mum wanted you to eat lots of fruit and vegetables for a good reason - it gives you the right level of energy to tackle whatever life might throw at you. Whilst everyone is different and has different nutritional requirements, you should plan your diet according to your body type. Some of the best stress busting foods include turkey, green vegetables, oatmeal and yoghurt amongst others.

Take a holiday
No matter how busy you all you should always make time to take a break - go on holiday - simply get away from life's stresses. It doesn't matter whether you can only afford Butlins, anything is better than hiding away at home.

Learn to appreciate life more
When you feel satisfied that life is going okay you generally feel happier and more able to face what life throws at you. If you learn to be thankful for what you have including your family, house, pets etc you can build on your happiness and improve your overall emotional well being. This in turn will help to reduce your stress levels as you focus on other things.

Get some ZzZ
People who don't get enough sleep are extremely cranky and unhappy. Sleep is your body's time to regenerate and if you aren't getting enough of it your body will start to feel the pressure. Make your bedroom your zone out room, so eliminate any TVs, phones or other distractions - including ensuring you have a good mattress and pillow to get the best quality sleep you can have.

Keep smiling
Even if you don't feel like it try smiling and see how it makes you feel. Perhap even a fake smile will start to fool your mind into finding that happy place.

Plan your day out
If your schedule is jam packed with meetings, work, lunch dates with friends, dance classes and more you're probably struggling to find the time to do each task without rushing. Too much on your plate can lead to stress especially if you're always jumping from point a to point b. If you know you've got to get to work for 9am then make sure you leave more time then you need so if you get stuck in traffic you won't feel so stressed.

Is your life full of 'I should do this', and 'I should do that'? If it is do you actually want to do any of them? Whilst some things are a necessity not everything you put on your to do list is. Instead of saying 'should I work extra hours at work to complete my daily tasks' think what can I change in my day to complete things without having to work overtime.

If you work these tips into your daily routine you should be able to combat any major worries that are starting to affect your body and mental health.

Monday, 26 September 2016

My latest shopping and beauty haul

It has been so long since I've had a major shopping haul. My recent trip to Bluewater really hit the spot and I had fun treating myself to lots of new makeup, clothes and even a cheeky KFC (yum!)

I love the Kiko Milano lipstick and the dress from Miss Selfridge. Is there anything you like the look of?


Have you found any goodies you can't put down recently? I love watching hauls and I'd love to see what treats you've picked up!

Friday, 23 September 2016

Rimmel Fresher Skin Foundation review

rimmel fresher skin foundation review

What the brand says
Get your skin looking and feeling fresh with Rimmel's brand new Fresher Skin foundation. Enriched with SPF 15 the foundation is designed with a light, breathable formula for a natural finish. It claims not to clog pores and leaves skin shine free.

There are currently 6 shades available in the range.

The Lowdown
rimmel fresh skin light porcelain foundation reviewI didn't really need a new foundation but when I saw Rimmel had a new one out I had to try it. It was part of a 2 for £10 offer in Superdrug so I got a bit extra value for my money.

When I first swatched the foundation I was surprised by how high a water content it had. The consistency of the foundation is very watery but at the same time it doesn't slide all over the place like you might expect. I also love the smell which is really fresh and fruity.

The foundation felt very light on my skin and was able to cover some of my blemishes, although not completely. As it's not full coverage you will still need to use concealer if you need it. As the consistency is so wet it does take a little time to work into your skin but once it's blended you do get good coverage. It did leave a few obvious foundation  marks that needed to be buffed in more the normal but it doesn't take too long. With a good primer it does stay on pretty much most of the day but you would still need to touch it up to get perfect coverage.

Overall a really nice foundation that feels great on the skin, isn't heavy and goes some way in covering your blemishes. I love the fresh dewy look it gives my skin.

I give it 4/5

Grab yours for £5.99 at Boots
before and after rimmel fresher skin foundation


  • Feels really light on the skin
  • Gives medium coverage
  • Lasts most of the day with a good primer
  • Smells great
  • SPF of 15


  • The high water content makes it a little harder to blend in 
  • After applying you get small tide marks that you need to buff in more than usual

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