Friday, 12 February 2016

£10 Makeup Challenge | Budget Beauty Makeup Tutorial

Lets face it makeup can be expensive and when you have more important stuff to pay for it can take a back seat. It is possible however to create a nice look for just £10. I'm not pulling your leg, it really is possible.

Last year Poundland launched Makeup Gallery, a fabulous range of beauty products for only £1 each. Watch on to see the kind of look I managed to create with their products.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Get your smile up to 3 shades whiter with Colgate Max white Expert White Toothbrush and whitening pen

The Hype
Transform your smile with the brand Colgate Max White Expert White Toothbrush and whitening pen.

The brand new product has been developed with a clinically proven system that utilises peroxide to get your teeth up to 3 shades whiter.

Whilst there are many whitening products on the market, very few actually use peroxide which can limit the effectiveness and longevity of the results.

The Lowdown
When a PR company approached me about this brand new tooth whitening product I was keen. I was also a little bit surprised to see it actually contained peroxide as it is often only used by dentists. The whitening pen comes with a toothbrush which has a secret little compartment in which you can store the pen. I thought that little aspect was pretty awesome and you certainly won't lose it.

The system is really easy to use, you simply brush your teeth with the toothbrush, turn the knob to apply the pen and then put the pen inside the brush. I found storing the pen in the brush a bit fiddly and it doesn't fit in snugly like I had imagined it would. Instead it looks about a mile long and you'll have trouble storing it comfortably in your bathroom cupboard.

For best results you should apply the pen morning and evening for 3 weeks until the pen is empty. After one use my teeth do actually seem a lot brighter so I'm quite impressed and looking forward to the end results.

Over the next three weeks I will be recording my result every morning and I will post the final review in three weeks time. Don't forget to come back to see if I get a whiter smile.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Wow Beauty goody bag contents revealed!

Everyone at the Wow beauty event (read more about the event here) got to go away with a little goody bag. Inside were some fabulous products including some gorgeous looking makeup that I'm super excited to try.

1. Vita Coco natural coconut water
A natural coconut water for those that want to stay healthy. Not really my cup of tea as I like my drinks to be a little more unhealthy.

2. Wow Beauty cupcake
If you read my review of the event, you'll note that I thought the cupcakes were delicious! They tasted so fresh and the consistency of the cake was perfect.

3. Fashion Fair lip teaser Chocolate Raspberry
I love the vibrancy of this shade it is just the perfect shade of vivacious pink. The lip gloss does look great but has a rather odd smell.

4. Fashion Fair lip liner in Chocolate Raspberry
Another part of the set is the lip liner which is a rich raspberry shade. The colour is strong and has good staying power.

5. Fashion Fair lipstick in Chocolate Raspberry
The final part of the set is the lipstick which has the same gorgeous vibrant raspberry shade as the lip gloss. It looks creamy with a buttery consistency and has a pleasant vanilla scent.

6. REN Wake Wonderful Nighttime facial
This REN cream is designed to give skin more radiance. Best used over night so your skin can repair itself.

I love trying new things and it's great that they've included a range of products all in the same shade so that I can use them together. What do you think of the goody bag, do you love the colour of the lip products? Do let me know what you think!

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Wow Beauty event review

Wow Beauty was a small but cosy event held at the stylish Charlotte Hotel. The event was very much about celebrating a womans inner beauty which people often conceal.

It was hosted by Denise Rabor a makeup artist with over 15 years experience who's worked for the likes of Elle and Vanity Fair.

Around the room there were a few brands showcasing the products but the main event was a series of conversational talks between a small panel.

The talks from the panel were quite amusing and it was interesting to hear each speaker's story. I was amazed to hear the ages of some of these women as they looked so young. For example the lady on the second left in the second picture is in her 40s and the lady on the end in the first picture has a son in his 40s. I'd love to know what they've been bathing in!

I was expecting a bit more interaction from the event as it had been implied there were beauty showcases so I was thinking nails, makeup artists etc. It could have benefitted from that but as a small event it probably didn't fit. I went away with a nice goody bag the contents of which you can see here!

I must say the cakes were delicious and that's always a important factor in any event!

Monday, 8 February 2016

Valentines Day Tutorial

With Valentine's day coming up you  may be busy planning your outfit and what makeup you're going to wear. Finding a way to stand out on Valentine's day can be hard, especially if you don't normally experiment that much.

In this video I'll give you a simple feminine look to follow that will make your man (or woman) whisper sweet nothings all night long.

Do let me know what you thought and subscribe to my Youtube if you want to see more! :)