Thursday, 25 August 2016

Nail of the day: Essie Repstyle Nail Lacquer

the hottest nail of the day

essie repstyle nail lacquer magnetic nails
Essie nail varnish in Repstyle is a chrome metallic varnish that is transformed by a magnet that is incorporated into the lid. I've not used a magnetic nail varnish in so long and to be honest I've not seen many around in recent months. The magnetic varnishes were all the rage a little while back and I guess the trend has died out now. I of course bought this a while ago but haven't got around to trying it. Too much makeup too little time!

The varnish dries quickly and has a lovely shiny gold finish. For some reason the magnet didn't work at all despite me applying to two coats as specified on the instructions.

It is a nice varnish but the fact that it doesn't do what it's supposed to do is a bit disappointing.

Have you managed to get the magnet part of the Essie polish to work? Let me know what you thought of the varnish in the comments!

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Freedom Pro Blush & Highlight Palette in Bronze and Baked Review

freedom pro blush and highlighter palette bronzed and baked

What the brand says
Freedom Pro Blush Palette in Bronze and Baked is a collection of 8 highly pigmented gorgeous blusher and highlighter shades.

The palette is also available in Peach and Baked (check out the review here) and Pink and Baked.

The Lowdown
freedom pro blush and highlight palette in bronze and baked reviewI picked up this palette a while back with the Peach and Baked palette. Unlike the Peach and Baked palette, Bronze and Baked is a lot more unconventional. It's marketed as a blusher and highlight palette but in my honest opinion the majority of the shades are far too dark to be applied as blushers. I could definitely use the light pink shade (second left) as a blusher and potentially the pink swirl (third left) but even that is perhaps too pigmented to be an effective blusher. The shades look amazingly pigmented and I can tell just by looking at it the highlight will be really strong. You could even get away with wearing some of the shades as eyeshadow, especially the middle dark gold shade and the dark pink shade on the second right. It also has a full size mirror which is always useful when you're out and about.

freedom pro blush and highlighter palette in bronze and baked swatches
The majority of the shades felt quite soft when swatching, apart from the top white shade which felt rough and chalky. Only two of the shades would be suitable to be used as a blusher (two and three) whilst four of the shades could be used effectively as a highlighter (four, six, seven, and eight).  Number five is quite dark and would work really well as a bronzer. The majority of the shades are all pretty pigmented apart from number one which was really disappointing. I love the finish of the highlighters, especially number seven which has a gorgeous shimmery finish.

I incorporated the palette into my daily routine using number two for blusher, number seven for highlight and number eight for highlighting under my brows. The blusher is very very light and took a lot of swipes to get much of the product to show up. It does however have a nice shimmery finish. I loved the highlighter (number seven) as it gives such a gorgeous shimmer with just one swipe. It's hard to see in the photo but I can assure you it looks fabulous. Number eight adds a subtle gold shimmer that looks lovely when the light bounces off it.

Overall a nice palette that has a good range of pigmented shades. I would say Freedom have marketed it a bit deceptively though as it's not really a blusher palette - it's more of a highlighter/bronzer palette. The blushers aren't that amazing and take a lot of work to get a noticeable result, although you do get a nice shimmer which is a bonus. For £6 it's not a bad price at all and you get quite a lot for your money.

before and after freedom pro blush and highlight palette in bronzed and baked

I give it 3/5

Get it for £6 at Superdrug


  • The majority of the shades are really pigmented and have a lovely shimmery finish
  • Only £6 for eight shades which is a really good buy
  • Comes with a mirror for on the go application


  • Whilst it's marketed as a blusher and highlighter palette not many of these shades can really be used as a blusher
  • Some of the shades are quite light and take a bit of effort to get your desired finish
  • Number one felt scratchy to apply and the highlight was quite poor

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Get a false lash effect with the new L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes Fatale

l'oreal volume million lashes fatale review

I've tried a fair few mascaras in my time and I'm always on a mission to find the next big thing. Whilst a mascara may seem amazing initially it soon starts to lose its effect and I start to look for the mascara that can give me the ultimate false lash effect. I recently saw L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes Fatale advertised and thought I'd give it a go. It's part of the Volume Millions Range of which has generated a number of spin offs including So Couture and Feline.

The mascara has a unique brush with tiny bristles that are designed to give you that intense volume and length. Whilst all L'Oreal's mascaras are generally good I was really impressed by their latest version. It gave me massive lashes with only two coats of mascara and there were virtually no clumps. Check out the video to see the results.
Have you tried this mascara yet? What did you think of it?

Get yours for £9.99 at Boots (so worth it!)

Monday, 22 August 2016

Sainsbury's Boutique lipstick range review

sainsbury's boutique lipstick range

What the brand says
Boutique is a high quality cosmetic line exclusive to Sainsbury's that offers a touch of luxury when doing the supermarket shop. The capsule range which was established in 2013 by makeup artists Jo Saville and Sophia Price has now become established in over 300 stores.

The lipsticks are formulated to last with strong pigmentation and easy application.

The Lowdown
sainsbury's boutique lipstick range swatchesI hadn't heard of Boutique before, so when I heard about the range through the promotion of National Lipstick Day I was keen to hear more. Supermarket shopping can be boring so I love to spice up my shop with a few treats and makeup is my number one to throw in the trolley. The range has a wide variety of colours with a shade to suit every skin tone. For the purpose of the review I am testing Bed of Roses and Happy As A Clam.

Both of the lipsticks have quite a creamy consistency although Happy As A Clam seemed creamier then Bed of Roses. Bed of Roses is more my shade then Happy As A clam but I will try both as they may look different on.
sainsbury's boutique lipstick range bed of roses swatch
I wasn't too keen on Bed of Roses initially as it looked such a light pink that it would make me look really pale and washed out. When I applied the lipstick I was pleasantly surprised, it was a really pretty light pink that looked really
pretty on.
sainsbury's boutique lipstick range happy as a clam swatch

Happy As A Clam wasn't as bright as it appeared on the stick but I really didn't like it. The lipstick has a really creamy consistency which made it hard to adapt to my lips and it kind of just slid off straight away. It's very nude and I just don't think the slightly off orange shade looks right on my natural lip shade.

Both lipsticks felt comfortable to wear but they didn't have the pleasant vanilla scent a lot of lipsticks have nowadays - instead it was quite a strong chemical aroma.

Bed of Roses dries quite matte and Happy As A Clam seemed to stay very creamy. Both lipsticks lasted a couple of hours before disappearing.

The Boutique range is fairly comfortable to wear but it's let down by the longevity and consistency of some of the shades - i.e. Happy As A Clam. I did however really like Bed of Roses which looks really nice on. Obviously I haven't tested all the shades so I can't say it would be the same for every lipstick. I would also have prefered a nice vanilla scent as this makes them a lot more attractive.

I give the lipsticks 2/5
bed of roses on
Wearing Bed of Roses
boutique lipstick happy as a clam
Wearing Happy As A Clam


  • Nice creamy consistency
  • Both lipsticks are fairly comfortable to wear
  • Wide range of shades available


  • Happy As A Clam is so creamy it pretty much slips off straight away and doesn't really adapt to the lips
  • The lipsticks only last a few hours
  • Majority of the shades can only be picked up in store

Friday, 19 August 2016

Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro lipstick Make It In The City review

makeup revolution iconic pro lipstick make it in the city

What the brand says
Makeup Revolution want to make your lips the star of the show with their Iconic Pro lipsticks. The collection is full of the most desirable shades that offer both comfort and intense coverage.

There are currently 20 shades in the range including the stylish Duel Matte, Looking Ahead and Liberty Matte.

The Lowdown
makeup revolution iconic pro lipstick make it in the city reviewWhilst there are so many fabulous shades in this collection, the shade Make It in the City stuck out the most to me. It's a beautiful berry pink that has a subtle shimmer running throughout the bullet. It has a pleasant vanilla scent that is quite subtle.

It applies pretty smoothly (as long as your lips aren't wet) and has a pretty satin shimmery matte finish. It feels comfortable to wear and isn't drying. I love the colour which is a really vibrant bright pink.

The lipstick lasts a few hours with full coverage but quickly fades away leaving a slight residue. This residue is however still visible over 8 years later. If you eat and drink wearing this lipstick it fades pretty quick as well.

I love how good value this lipstick is at just £2.49 it's a real budget friendly buy - especially when payday seems so far away!

The colour is great and it does feel lovely on but you will have to keep applying it throughout the day.

I give it 3/5

Get yours at Superdrug
makeup revolution iconic pro lipstick


  • With 20 shades there's a lot of variety to pick from so you're more likely to find a shade that suits you
  • At £2.49 it's friendly on the pocket. 
  • Feels comfortable to wear and isn't drying.
  • Lovely bright colour


  • The lipstick only lasts a few hours

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