Monday, 24 October 2016

Mua Luxe Radiant Illuminating Highlighting kit review

mua luxe radiant illuminating highlighting kit review

If you've signed up to MUA's newsletter you're probably aware that they've just released a series of new highlighters.

When I was out shopping recently their Luxe Radiant Illuminating Highlighting kit really caught my eye. It had the most stunning packaging, especially for such a low budget brand and it looked like it would give amazing results.

The palette has 6 highlighters in a range of different tones and MUA claim the finishes are matte and shimmery. In my video review I give a full demonstration of what the products like and whether it lives up to MUA's claims. Have a look and let me know what you think!

Would you buy it?

If you would you can get it for £6 at Superdrug

Friday, 21 October 2016

Miss Sporty Insta glow blusher review

Miss Sporty Insta glow blusher review

What the brand says
Instaglow is a powder blusher that is perfect for adding a instant flush of colour to the cheeks. The blusher has been designed to give a radiant and luminous cheek look.

There are currently four blushers in the range.

The Lowdown
For the review I'm going to be trialling Glowing Mauve, a bright vibrant pink. The blusher has quite a funky polygon pattern and up close you can see how sparkly the formula is.

The colour is really buildable and after a few swipes I had a really healthy rosy glow. Whilst the blusher looks really sparkly in the pan you'd be glad to know that glitter doesn't transfer onto your face - after all looking like a glitter ball isn't the best look.

miss sporty instaglow blusher glowing mauve

When I applied the blusher I noticed that it made barely a dent in the powder and the blusher still looks untouched. I've tried a lot of powder blushers in the past that kick up a cloud storm when you use them so this is quite a benefit and I can see it lasting a long time.

The blusher stayed on throughout the day and by evening I still had a lovely glow.

A really nice blusher that goes on really easily, is buildable and leaves a natural rosy glow. It's also a real bargain at only £2.99.

I give it 4/5
miss sporty insta glow blusher before and after

Get it for £2.99 at Superdrug


  • Gives a lovely rosy glow
  • Looks natural
  • Is buildable
  • Has quite a resistant formula so I can see the blusher lasting a long time
  • Great budget buy


  • None that I can see 

Thursday, 20 October 2016

My three hero beauty products

hero beauty products

When it comes to my beauty routine there's three staples products that I literally couldn't live without. Here's a sneak peek into my top 3 staple products in my makeup bag.

lipstick is my beauty hero product

I'm a complete lipstick connoisseur and have so many  I could open a shop. Whether it's shimmery or matte every lipstick can transform a look in just a swipe taking you from day to night in an instant. My favourite lipstick of all time has to be Charlotte Tilbury Love Bite (£23 at Net a Porter) as it is such a vibrant strong red.

mascara is my hero beauty product

When I'm not wearing mascara I feel completely naked. My lashes are pretty fair so without it my eyes don't tend to stand out. I love discovering new mascaras especially ones that can add both volume and curl to my lashes. My favourite is Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama mascara (£5.99 at Feel Unique) as it adds volume and a bit of curl.

moisturiser is my beauty hero product

Every day we put our skin to the test, whether it's exposing it to the elements, air conditioning and central heating. Skin can  be tough and resilient but it can also be very vulnerable. It's important to take care of your skin and that means using a good moisturiser to keep it hydrated. This helps to give it everything it needs that it loses from day to day exposure. I love Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturing lotion (£30 at Feel Unique) as it's full of natural properties like cucumber extract, seed cake  and barely to help strengthen the skins barrier. It also contains hyaluronic acid and glycerin to improve hydration and add a fresh looking glow.

What are your hero products?

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Rimmel Scandaleyes Reloaded mascara review

rimmel scandaleyes reloaded mascara review

What the brand says
Based on the highly successful Scandaleyes mascara range, Scandaleyes Reloaded claims to bring even more volume to the table. The new mascara is available in black and extreme black. It has a tapered max density brush which has been designed to capture every lash.

The Lowdown
rimmel scandaleyes reloaded mascara brushesI've not tried a Rimmel mascara in quite a while probably since their Rimmel Supercurler mascara came out (see the video review here). Whilst I wasn't the biggest fan of that, I was really impressed with some of their earlier releases especially Lash Accelerator (£7.99 at Superdrug).

I had actually just bought the extreme black mascara from Boots when Rimmel sent me the two shades to try. Aside from the colour of the tubes the mascaras are pretty much identical. Scandaleyes Reloaded black is in a very vibrant orange tube whilst extreme black is a little more subdued in a plain black tube. I'm going to test one mascara on each eye to see if the different shades make any difference to the overall results.

The formula of the mascaras isn't the wettest and it did take a little while to get a good build of up mascara on my lashes. It took several layers of the mascara on each side to get a visible result and even then it wasn't the volume I was expecting. The majority of my lashes ended up looking clumped and I don't think it added much volume. The length of my lashes after applying was fairly average but it did add a bit of curl.
before and after rimmel scandaleyes reloaded mascara

The mascaras do stay put all day without smudging or budging which is always a plus point.

I can't say there was a huge difference made by the different shades of the mascaras.

I have to say I was quite disappointed by this mascara as I was expecting a lot more. My lashes ended up more clumped then volumised which was quite disappointing.

after rimmel scandaleyes reloaded mascara
I give it 1/5

Get black for £6.99 at Feel Unique
Get extreme black for £4.99 (currently on offer!) at Superdrug


  • The mascara stays put all day without smudging
  • Adds a bit of curl to your lashes


  • Leaves lashes looked clumped
  • Adds very little volume 
  • The dry formula means its quite slow to build up any visible effect

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Pumpkin Pie Halloween nail tutorial

pumpkin nail tutorial

This nail tutorial is probably one of the simplest halloween nail tutorials you'll find. The idea is to create a feature nail that draws people's attention to your nails.

To create the look I used:

  • White nail art pen
  • Black nail art pen
  • Orange nail varnish

Here's how to recreate it.
easy nail tutorials

Step 1
Firstly paint all of your nails in a orange shade

Step 2
Pick a nail which will be your feature nail. I chose the middle nail as it's the most central. Firstly draw two small dots for eyes.

Step 3
Using your nail art tool or pen draw a slight triangle shape for the nose

Step 4
Get your black nail art pen and draw a smile. Use a white nail art pen to draw small circles in the eyes. This will make the eyes stand out more.

Voila you're done!

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